Why Custom Furniture

Our box-store, mass production, disposable culture has lured us away from the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of fine furnishings. Fine furniture endures because of its exceptional design and craftsmanship, quality hardwoods and hardware and the memories of generations.

By deciding on custom furniture, you guarantee that the piece or pieces are designed specifically for your needs. How do you use your desk drawers? What electronic equipment do you have in your home theater? Do you want it visible at all times, or just when being used? Do you have leisurely dinner parties and how many do you typically have around the table? Rex works with you, your designer or architect to uncover exactly what how you utilize each piece of furniture to maximize its effectiveness and functionality for you.

Sometimes you're looking for a specific furniture item to complement what you have already: a rocker, sofa or hall table, additional dining chairs, a bed for the guest room or media armoire. Rex can create an original design, offer suggestions for complementary woods or craft additional items to complete a suite. Your add-in furniture pieces will harmonize with your current furnishings.

Furniture showrooms can offer suggestions, but most of us do not want our homes and offices to look like a furniture catalogue advertisement or have the sterile institutional feel. Rex White Custom Furniture offers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to fine details. Native, domestic or exotic hardwoods are selected for their inherent grain, beauty and durability. Rex's signature smooth-as-glass finishing brings out the luster of these fine woods.

Rex selects woods and grains to enhance the natural beauty of each piece he crafts. He meticulously matches grains for seamless appearance. Each piece is custom engineered for both stability and aesthetics. Perfection in the fine details elevates Rex's masterful craftsmanship. Although Rex will use stains in the finishing process, he prefers natural finishes. The inherent beauty, smoothness and luster of the wood is ultimately revealed in the painstaking sanding and rubbing process.

Rex's passion is to create beautiful furniture to be enjoyed by families for generations to come.